MJD Security, Inc.
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Why should you choose MJD security Systems?

Customer Advantages with MJD Security vs. The Big Companies

  • MJD Security offers brand new DSC wireless security systems
  • MJD Security low monitoring rates
  • MJD Security offers 100% customer satisification
  • MJD Security Owner Michael DeIulius
  •   You will not be treated like a number as with the big companies. No waiting on hold on the phone for 15 minutes trying to talk to someone. No waiting several days or weeks to have a service call to repair your system. You will receive personalized service with MJD.
MJD Security Over 30 years experience

  •   You (as the customer) own the security system - Increases value of your home.
  •   Local Florida Monitoring Center (Sarasota - All American Monitoring)
  •   Lower monitoring rates than other companies. No long term monitoring agreement (2 years) - other companies 3 to 5 year terms.
  •   Brand new top of the line, state of the art, DSC wireless security system. It has features that other systems do not have. Not many other company’s in the area are using this system.
  •   If you provide MJD Security any sales leads and a system is sold, you will receive free monitoring or free equipment for your system.